What our wood means
Wood that combines aesthetics with sustainability
Our process
Our floors are the result of many decisions: we balance tradition and technology, we control our presence in the forests and we develop respectful and durable finishes.
The most important decision is the one you make when you choose us to create a space and walk with us for years and years.
Wood that makes good ideas come true
The type of tree, the knots, the color, the finish, the set of pieces... The most interesting part of the process is that "moment of truth", when our work finally reaches the people.
Be inspired by this selection of architectural and interior design projects in which our floors have been chosen to create unique environments.
Choosing well to take care of the future
For all that forests provide us, and not only to our industry, we are aware that we have to be responsible, respectful and make intelligent use of them.
Our focus is on securing the future of the forest space by optimizing processes, recycling materials, reducing emissions and creating products that last.
We make wooden floors
About Us
Since we started in 1946, we have acquired all kinds of experiences, we have changed, we have grown and we have not stopped learning about this particular raw material.
Every day we research and experiment, perfect our techniques and face new challenges. All to continue creating high quality wood floors.