Our process
A wooden floor provides a comfortable, peaceful feeling. Wood protects against temperature changes, improves the acoustic experience, defines the space we inhabit and how we want to inhabit it. That's why at XPZ we take care of the process of creating high quality wood floors.
Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. From the very beginning, we have worked carefully and consciously: this high-quality material must be light and robust, flexible and resistant, timeless and durable.
Sustainably sourced oak wood
Oak wood is interesting for its physical qualities, it resists the passage of time, is breathable, withstands humidity and is environmentally friendly. In addition, it is one of the most chosen woods because of its color varieties and its appearance adapts well to any type of space.
We extract our oak wood in the Tronçais forest (France), which has had the Forêt d'Exception® qualification since 2018. And we do it in a sustainable way, giving great importance to the selection of trees that have the right age so that the impact on the ecosystem is the least possible.
Giving back to the forest what it gives us
At XPZ we are aware that it takes a long time for a tree to grow. The responsibility of our industry is not just about what we produce now but how we efficiently manage all that the forest offers us to ensure its future.
From each tree we selected, we used the entire trunk and took full advantage of its width to create the slats. The intermediate layers (2-layer and 3-layer systems) are produced with wood reused from other cutting processes. In this way, we control the consumption of hardwoods and meet our sustainability objectives.
A balance of technology, vision and touch
Our work consists of enhancing the natural appearance of the wood, improving it and achieving a long-lasting product. The processes at XPZ are a balance between advanced technology and craftsmanship. Digital tools support the expertise and creativity of our team.
We locate knots, grains, textures, etc., everything that adds interest and character to high quality wood and, at the same time, we innovate. In our workshops we combine the importance of cutting and brushing with research and experimentation with new treatments, colors and finishes.
Improved natural resistance
Research into treatments has allowed us to develop projects for any interior environment, from spaces where moisture tolerance is necessary to places that require large format slats with very reliable stability. We also create wood flooring for outdoor use, treated to resist weathering.
We want to be effective with the appearance of our floors and also with the effect they have on those who use them. In our range of oil-based finishes we collaborate with Rubio MONOCOAT, a resistant and 100% VOCfree product. The XPZ clearcoat range is manufactured with BONA, a water-based, user-safe finish.
The last step
Wood flooring is a product that will be used for many years. For this reason, we pay special attention to the final step of our work process with an exhaustive, dedicated and manual quality control.
The experience of our team is combined with advanced technological resources that allow us to certify that all our products are made of high quality wood, meeting standards of durability, sustainability, assembly efficiency and safety for both installers and users.