Intelligent forest use
Forests provide us with the oxygen we breathe, the raw materials we need to live and help to relax our rhythm of life. Considering how much we depend on them, our use of forests must be intelligent and practical, focused on the long term. More than a commitment to the future of our brand, it is a commitment to the future of everyone.
We work in sustainably managed forests, we adjust to the growth cycle of the trees and we focus on their regeneration. Our work also consists of preserving biodiversity, promoting scientific research, improving natural heritage and supporting the development of the communities linked to these territories.
Floors with conscience
Our commitment to the future of forests starts from the moment we extract the raw material: at XPZ, logging takes place in controlled forests, minimizing impact through efficient selection (e.g. We only choose specimens that meet our age and height criteria), cutting just one tree at a time.
The life cycle of a wooden floor depends on the quality of the material and the treatment applied to it. For this reason, we use finishes that respect the user and the environment in the manufacturing process so that the floor can withstand usage and intervention of external agents. We promote conscious and responsible consumption through floors that last for many years.
Reduce CO2 emissions
The presence of wood in construction and decoration materials plays an important role in controlling the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere. Young trees absorb a large amount of CO2 and encapsulate it inside their trunks. If a very mature tree dies and rots, the CO2 it has absorbed will be released back into the atmosphere.
At XPZ we extract our wood from trees that are at the right point in their life cycle, preventing that CO2 from being released again. Less emissions are generated (and less water is consumed) in the production of wood flooring than in the production of flooring based on other materials. Treatment to feed its production.
Rethink, reuse
We balance the consumption of hardwood by reusing surplus offcuts for the intermediate layers (2-layer and 3-layer systems). And we comply with national and international certifications that guarantee our commitment to sustainable extraction and production.
Amongst others, we have certifications such as FSC®, which confirms that the forests from which we extract wood are managed in a way that preserves biodiversity and supports local workers and populations. And with certifications such as PEFC™, the system that ensures that we work while maintaining the ecological functions of forests and the regenerative capacity that guarantees their future.